MX5 Trophy Racecar to use Sadev Sequential Gearbox

Nov 1, 2019

SWR Motorsport have developed the Sadev Sequential Gearbox to fit in the MX5 Trophy Racecar.

A design decision was made early in the development of the MX5 Trophy Racecar to use a sequential gearbox. This was based on a couple of reasons. Firstly, the original Mazda gearbox was not deemed strong enough to cope with the rigours of sprint and endurance racing, and, secondly, fitment of a sequential gearbox takes the car to a new technical level and driver experience for club motorsport.

It was decided that the Sadev 6-speed Sequential Gearbox (similar to that fitted to the Caterham 420R racecars) would be the ideal fitment. Sadev are a world leader in gearbox technology and have the technical resources and service capabilities to provide a total supply and support package to the MX5 Trophy Series/Championship.


SWR Motorsport are the UK distributor/supplier for Sadev and have developed the SCL82-17 gearbox to fit into the Mazda MX5 Mk4.

The Sadev gearbox bolts onto the existing MX5 bell housing and also mates up to the MX5 Power Plant Frame (PPF) using a custom made rear casing. Retaining the PPF was key, as this retains the backbone strength to the MX5, thus chassis strength and crash protection is virtually as Mazda designed the car. This also means no extra bracing is required to fit the gearbox, thus making fitment easy.

A unique clutch shaft has been developed for the gearbox to enable fitting to the Mazda clutch and flywheel arrangement, and a special gear lever (with integral reverse release cable) has been made to move the stick closer to the driver so that minimal hand movement is required to change gear.